Our Mission:

We create vibrant communities where men show up for boys to fulfill their natural role as makers of men.

For thousands of years, in villages all around the world, when the time was right, the men came for the adolescent boys. They knew their young males would play a critical role in the survival of their tribe into the future. For that reason, intentionally launching boys on the path toward a solid and positive manhood was considered sacred men’s work. Times have changed, but the need has not.

Today, we look for those men who hear this call and work with them, in their community, with their boys, to offer a rite of passage model and on-going mentoring. But it’s not only men. Yes, men must craft an experience for the young guys, and we often find that women are great advocates, because they understand the need and see the effects when this work is missing.

All our programs are designed to initiate and support boys on their journey to manhood. From the rite of passage adventure weekend, to the adventure activities, we show up to challenge, encourage and admire our boys as they decide what kind of man they want to be.

Our Accomplishments

  • 6 rite of passage adventure weekends in seven years
  • 77 young men initiated
  • 130+ male volunteers
  • over 60 men having staffed one or more rite of passage events
  • over 70 Tucson boys in weekly in-school circles talking about their journey to manhood
  • 7 adventure outings in the last year with an average attendance of 20 guys

So welcome to the Desert Men’s Council. We look forward to hearing from you and expanding our vision of every boy in Tucson being offered a rite of passage adventure and solid, positive men to help guide him on his journey to manhood.

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mentoring circles
adventure outings

We provide these programs at little or no cost to the participants. We believe it is the job of the men of the communities to initiate and guide the boys on their journey, so we raise money from our supporters and from grants to provide our programs.

You can help – read about our programs, come to our events to get to know us. We ask for your support in whatever way you can, whether it be volunteering, donating funds, or signing up your son.

“The prisons are full of men-boys who didn’t get this. We can ignore it, shove them away into a facility somewhere where we don’t have to look at them, or we can step up, take responsibility, and try this thing.” Mark Hansen, co-founder